Programme elements

For the mentees, via:mento_international and via:mento are comprised of three main programme elements. We do not only offer our mentees an individual one-on-one mentoring relationship with an experienced researcher from any (German) university or non-university research institute, but they can also profit from networking activities – for example from get-togethers with invited guests on topics of the group's interest (e.g. higher education politics, third party funding, work-life-balance). In addition, we give our mentees the opportunity to take part in workshops on different topics of general relevance for a successful career development in academia. On demand, we offer the mentors the possibility for professional exchange at Kiel University.

Individual Mentoring Relationship

The relationship between the programme’s participant (mentee) and an experienced scientist (mentor) is at the heart of the programme. It should be well-structured, free of hierarchies and supply the mentee with a constant exchange of experience and individual counsel concerning every aspects of career planning. In doing so, the mentoring relationship relies heavily on prior knowledge and experience on the part of the mentor.

Every participant is required to suggest a mentor of her own choice. The potential mentor will then be contacted by either the programme’s coordinator or the future mentee herself. In general, the mentors are not located at Kiel University, resulting in the necessity for the mentee to travel to her mentor’s place of work.


Seminars and Qualification

In accompanying seminars, various key competences regarding a successful academic career will be conveyed to the programmes’s participants. During the programme cycle, these will range from brief interactive input to two-day workshops. Key elements are different workshops dealing with an in-depth examination of the possibilities and planning process of an academic career. In addition, the mentee’s personal interests will be taken into account. In preceding programme cycles, for example, workshops concerning human resources management, networking strategies and various aspects of effective communication have been offered.


Networking and Peer-Mentoring

Informal meetings among the mentees provide the necessary space to exchange personal experiences and facilitate the establishment of an interdisciplinary network exceeding faculty boundaries. Additional support will be adapted to the mentees’ demand for information and discussion. Possible topics include the acquisition of third party funding, the planning and realisation of stays abroad or work-life balance. This approach further enables networking activities with experts of their respective fields.


Complementary Offers for Preparation and Reflection

In both programmes, the mentees will be attended to in groups and also individually. The main process includes an introductory kick-off meeting offering a general getting to know each other and preparation for the mentoring relationship, a midterm evaluation and a final meeting to reflect on the mentoring-experience as a group as well as an individual counselling carried out by the programme coordinator halfway through the programme. In addition, both mentees and mentors can always count on the programme coordinator’s support.


Support for Mentors

Depending on the mentors' requests, we are offering workshops in Kiel (e.g. concerning reflection and further development of advisory skills in mentoring relationships) and enable networking among the mentors as well as with the mentees. A workshop will only be offered according to the demand of the current group of mentors, attendance is voluntary.

In 2020, we are developing a Webinar providing short video clips on different topics related to the mentoring relationship.

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    via:mento_international & via:mento are members of the European Network of Mentoring Programmes
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