Our mentees are:

  • around 15 female postdoctoral researchers working in all areas of Kiel University
  • have the aim to continue their academic career after their successful completion of their PhD
  • have funding at Kiel University, e.g. in a postdoctoral position, a "Habilitationsstelle", as group leaders or junior professors


What we offer our mentees:

  • support of each mentee's sytematic reflection on her career development
  • continuous knowledge exchange with an experienced researcher
  • possibility to broaden knowledge on formal and informal rules of the German science system
  • broadened scientific network
  • exchange and networking with colleagues on the same career level


What we expect from our mentees:

  • clear concept of career aims and willingness to plan academic career actively
  • willingness to take on responsibility for own mentoring relationship
  • openness to implement outcomes of meetings with the mentor
Contact Us

  • Ruth Kamm
    mentoring programme via:mento
    Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4
    24118 Kiel
    Room 1410a
    Tel.: 0431/880-1833
    Fax: 0431/880-1775