Our mentors are experienced and renowned professors and senior scientists in permanent positions. Based on the wishes of the mentees, they are individually contaced.


How to become a mentor:

In our opinion, deciding on a suitable mentor is a first step to a committed and successful mentoring relationship. Nevertheless, if you are interested in becoming a mentor do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to recommend dedicated mentors to our mentees.


 What the commitment as a mentor has to offer:

  • establishing a new contact to a female postdoctoral researcher at Kiel University
  • improving your advisory skills in mentoring discussions
  • expanding your professional network
  • testing the support of postdocs outside formal supervisory relationships
  • profiting from reflection, feedback and new impulses during mentoring discussions


What mentors should bring into a mentoring relationship:

  • interest in exchange and counselling
  • interest in the mentee's career development
  • being sociable and open
  • willingness to reflect on gender topics in academia
  • experience with the scientific community
  • contacts in academia


Effort and expenses:

Expenditure of time

According to our experience in mentoring, we recommend a personal meeting with the mentee in a trimonthly rhythm. Preparation and post processing should be done on part of the mentee, who will travel to your place of work or living. At times, urgent issues may arise in-between meetings necessitating contact via email, telephone or videoconference.

Operating expenses

In general, no immediate expenses, such as travelling expenses or expenses for overnight accommodation, arise from the mentoring relationship on part of the mentor.

Contact Us

  • Dr. Julia Schreiner
    Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4
    24118 Kiel
    Room 1407a
    Phone: (+49) 0431/880-1018

    Dr. Ruth Kamm
    Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4
    24118 Kiel
    Room 1410a
    Phone: (+49)0431/880-1833


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