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Mentoring in Academia and Science

In academia and science, structured mentoring programmes are well-proven instruments to support female scientists in non-permanent positions (mentee) in developing their academic careers. In mentoring programmes, a tailor-made individual mentoring relationship with a professor or senior scientist in a permanent position (mentor) is usually embedded in further measures for self-development and career management. Regular exchange with other mentees enables programme participants to build a collegial network.

Mentoring for women at Kiel University

via:mento was founded in 2010 as the University's first interdisciplinary mentoring programme for female postdoctoral researchers of all faculties and fields of our university. It is open to all female postdoctoral researchers, who are continuing their academic careers after PhD, aiming at a professorship or a permanent senior scientist position.

via:mento cooperates with two Kiel-based non-university research institutes, the Leibniz Institute for Sciences and Mathematics Education (IPN) and the Kiel Institue for the World Economy (IfW). Both can send up to two participants to via:mento.

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