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via:mento is a mentoring programme for female postdoctoral researchers from all faculties and disciplines of the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel. It is aiming at researchers who are continuing their academic career after PhD, aiming for a professorship or a permanent senior research scientist position. via:mento is held in German.

All participating female postdoctoral researchers in via:mento (mentees) get the opportunity to find a personal mentor. The general idea of a mentoring relationship with a professor or an experienced female or male senior scientist in a permanent position at a university or non-university research institute is to lend personal career management more focus and structure.

The current programme cycle with 19 mentees started in December 2018 and ends in August 2020. That’s 21 months all together.

Workshops and network events in via:mento are held in German. Therefore, a basic knowledge of German is a prerequisite for participation. Mentoring relationships can be held in any language the mentoring tandem feels comfortable with. Applications can be handed in in English.

For more information on via:mento visit our German via:mento website